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Chief Executive Officer (Washington, DC)


St. John’s Community Services (SJCS) is a $32 million 501(c)(3) direct service provider, a community builder, and a fearless, pioneering, and passionate advocate for people with disabilities. We are fully committed to self-direction, full citizenship, and equal rights for everyone, at home and at work. All of our services are provided “without walls” right in the community. We know firsthand how lives and communities are enriched when people with disabilities are integrated into all aspects of community life.


We advance our mission through practices that offer innovative models for other agencies and governments through advocacy, education, and collaboration as part of the service and policy creation process. We’ve earned a reputation for being restlessly innovative in our approach to direct service, serving people with the greatest needs, tackling the most difficult problems, learning, developing, and refining our business model – blazing a path forward for others to follow.


At every turn in our 150-year history, we’ve chosen the path that’s right, and never what’s easy. We were pioneers in delivering community-based services and competitive integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Our success in delivering community-based services became a rising tide that lifted all boats. At SJCS we seek out the toughest challenges, first finding new ways to solve problems, then advocating for the best solution with funders, and then freely sharing our expertise with others. We view our direct service work as a research and development laboratory helping us better understand how we and others can help people with disabilities to fulfill their potential. Our advocacy and technical assistance are firmly grounded in our practical experience – it is not theoretical or academic. In providing direct service, we learn what works, how to advocate for smarter funding mechanisms, how to respond in unique ways to address individual circumstances, choices, and dreams for the future, and how to learn with and teach our peers and funders.


Our deeply experienced senior leadership team and our 800 well-trained and dedicated employees are adept at breaking down barriers that stand in the way of full workplace and community participation. At every level of our organization, we believe that each person we interact with should be included, respected, and valued; have ongoing information, experiences, and expectations from which to make choices; form a variety of relationships; live and participate in the communities of their choice; have a career, dreams for the future, and the ability to make meaningful contributions.


We’ve always adapted to our times, earning the respect of families, funders, and regulators for our strict evaluation protocols and impeccable health and safety practices. We’ve received the highest levels of accreditation and recognition for quality services, including CARF accreditation in all of our state subsidiaries.


Having pioneered the community engagement approach now mandated by funders, but facing escalating service costs and declining Medicaid funding, we know the time has come to evolve our business model to adapt to the current environment.


As our Chief Executive Officer, you will lead our organization through its next evolution, setting the strategic direction for our future, ensuring that SJCS extends its policy and program leadership, is financially sound, operationally excellent, sustainable for the future, and that teams at all levels are functioning to their greatest potential.


To date, the vast majority of our funding (95 percent) has been via Medicaid, delivered through six state-level contracts in Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia. We know there are additional populations of people we can serve (perhaps where our expertise in outcomes-based service delivery and an empowering model of positive behavioral support could make a significant impact). We know there are other significant sources of local, state, and federal government funding we could pursue (Department of Education, Department of Labor, or other funders where our expertise in program development for a difficult-to-serve population could make a significant impact.) We believe there may also be significant private funding available, including building a medical model of care where our expertise in providing support for the social determinants of health could make a significant impact.

Your role will be to work with internal and external stakeholders to understand these new opportunities, explore which ideas are most closely aligned with our mission and capabilities, evaluate where our work can be sustainably funded, and decide where we can make the most significant impact. You will enjoy the full support and resources of our volunteer leadership as you consider the many possibilities. SJCS is currently governed by a parent board of trustees, a board of directors for the foundation, and boards for each of the regional offices.


Our Current Services

  • Community Living Services (Residential Services) – Support with finding suitable housing and providing in-home support according to the needs of the person.
  • Community Participation Services (Adult Day Services) – A program without walls enabling people with disabilities to participate in their communities.
  • Employment Services – Supporting people with disabilities to develop a career path and acquire and retain competitive employment.
  • In-Home Services – Providing in-home periodic support to adults with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities so that they may live independently in their own home or their family’s home.
  • Consulting Services – Active support for local and national organizations to develop programs, pursue strategic directions, incorporate innovation, and meet the challenges of the human services environment.

Your First Year Priorities as Chief Executive Officer

Reinforce and build upon the organization’s strong values-driven culture while ensuring organizational efficiency, compliance, quality, person-centered service excellence, and financial sustainability, advancing the SJCS mission and continuing our legacy of innovation and advocacy.

We expect that during your first year, you will:

  • Visit all SJCS locations, meet the staff, and become familiar with all SJCS programs. Develop productive relationships with staff, board members, funders, community leaders, and key constituents in each region. Potentially recruit new board members.
  • Understand the financial structure of SJCS, the variables that affect financials, and the human capital needs of the organization. Conduct a thorough analysis of existing SJCS programs that includes evaluation of values, strengths, challenges, and recommendations for improvement.
  • Guide quality management and quality improvement initiatives across SJCS.
  • Identify a sustainable business model that enables SJCS to achieve operational excellence within programs and significant impact beyond SJCS. Propose new programs, ventures, alliances and other initiatives to serve more people with diverse types of disabilities and add new funding sources. Recommend funding methods, operating models, investments, and metrics to the Board.
  • Develop a framework to evaluate new opportunities and a strategic plan to prioritize how to make wise investments of time and money. Develop priorities for budgeting and growth. Propose initial investments and define metrics for success. Launch innovative programs, services, and alliances that will create a significant impact on SJCS revenue within the next 3 to 5 years.


Qualifications and Experience

  • 10 or more years of senior management experience in a similar or related field, with a background of leading a complex organization (e.g., a multi-service and/or multi-location with hundreds of employees and $10+ million budget). A commitment to SJCS’ mission, vision, and values, and ability to lead the organization in alignment with those principles.
  • An entrepreneurial leader, capable of responding to a complex and changing funding environment, with the business acumen to develop new service models. Experience in successfully negotiating/renegotiating large-scale grant and contracts; experience building organizational revenues and sustainability.
  • Familiarity with the components of organizational advancement including fundraising, PR, and communications.
  • Superb relationship building and interpersonal communications skills. The ability to successfully relate to a wide range of constituencies and effectively advocate for SJCS, the needs of the people we are privileged to serve, and other service providers.
  • Experience successfully working with boards, funders, regulators, family members, community leaders, and other vital stakeholders.


Attributes of a Successful Chief Executive Officer

  • Mission-centered. You care profoundly about serving people and possess a personal commitment to the organization’s beliefs and mission. You understand what matters to our community and our donors, and can easily translate our mission into social impact.
  • Entrepreneurial. You consistently identify ways to make things better. You are comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, knowing when to gather more information and when to take committed action. You have the ability to think creatively and develop strategic business plans. You are willing and able to invent new services or explore new funding options.
  • Inspirational. You are confident, engaging, and persuasive, articulating a clear vision for the future. People want to follow your lead.
  • Collaborative. You welcome and respect the views of others. You understand that organizational strength emerges from including a diversity of perspectives.
  • Strategically flexible. You are tenacious but capable of making adjustments based on new information. You are not afraid to fight for the something you believe in, nor are you afraid to walk away from situations that are unwinnable.
  • Developer. You are skilled at coaching, mentoring, and developing staff at all professional levels, skillfully identifying and promoting talent into well-functioning teams.
  • Decisive. You set priorities wisely and know how to make tough resource allocation decisions – always finding a way to advance strategic initiatives.
  • Enthusiastic. You possess a high level of energy. You totally immerse yourself in your work and take pride in a job done exceptionally well.


What’s Attractive to the Right Chief Executive Officer Candidate?

  • Your work will have impact far beyond the walls of SJCS, shaping government policy and echoing through the work of many other organizations, advancing the civil rights of millions of Americans, and making communities richer, more just, and more inclusive.
  • Your efforts will be supported by hundreds of like-minded employees. SJCS has driven social change for over 150 years, earning enduring respect for always doing the “right” thing, even when it was not easy. You will be leading a team of highly competent, deeply experienced, collegial and collaborative professionals – many of whom have a decades-long history with SJCS and all of whom are deeply passionate about the mission, the people we serve, and the services we provide.
  • You will enjoy the full support of the board, who will encourage innovation and will prove to be an effective sounding board for new ideas.

To Apply for the CEO role with SJCS:

You can Apply on this page, or email your resume to Bob Corlett at with “SJCS – CEO / 2017-2230 SA” as the subject of the email.


Staffing Advisors is committed to helping our clients create a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status, or any other basis protected by law. Some positions may require pre-employment screening potentially including a criminal background check, verification of academic credentials, licenses, certifications, and/or verification of work history.


We welcome candidates from backgrounds including (but not limited to): Executive Director, President, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Chief Operating Officer, COO, Deputy Executive Director, or Vice President of Strategy.




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